Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Awesome Day!

I didn't get any pictures of my day today, but it was a doozy!
We went to a playdate today, and for the first time it felt like a great fit for both John and I. I mean, we always have a wonderful time with our friends, but I like the idea of John getting used to being in a group of kids. Especially since he is going to be homeschooled without a ton of other kids around most of the time.
So, I found this playgroup that is for moms that are tattooed and pierced and generally look different than the "norm." I figured that maybe some of these moms would be a little more liberal and just different than the typical playgroup mom. When I got there I saw no tattoos or piercings, so I was worried that I had gotten gypped. Then we all started talking... Four of the moms cloth diaper, one did EC. Two are still breastfeeding at 3-4 years old. 1 was a doula, one had a homebirth, 2 had natural midwife attended births. It was just so wonderful to be surrounded by parents who have a lot of the same beliefs as I do. It was so nice to talk to them and watch them interact with their kids. I just loved it. John had a blast and he keeps talking about his friends.
When we came home we both took a quick nap, then mom took Josh, John and I out to lunch at Pita Jungle...AWESOME! Then we went to her house and hung out for a few hours. It was a day well spent and John fell asleep immediately because he was so worn out. That is always the sign of a good day :)

In Other News:

I got a surprise from my mom. She took me to go get a new tattoo. I was supposed to get it for Christmas, but I ended up using my gift money to pay bills so I never got it. It is still scabtastic, so the colors don't look great, but I LOVE it. Another item crossed off of my day zero goals.
Josh found John a bike at Goodwill while I was getting the tattoo. I know, it is pink, just like all of his other bikes :) He told us he wanted a black bike with a white basket, but when Josh took him to get paint John saw John Deere green and immediately changed his mind :)
Josh is converting it into a balance bike. He took off the pedals, the chains, and is going to lock the handle bar in a straight position. This will allow John to learn each thing a step at a time, starting with balance.
Our friends had a gorgeous baby girl name Finley. She seems so tiny compared to my big boy.

Happy Wednesday


  1. Oh Katie! That group sounds perfect for you. I hope you guys get to meet up often.
    In other news I LOVE your vegan tattoo. It's awesome and I am happy that you got it. It's really pretty.

  2. That is great that you found the perfect play group for both of you!!! :)
    Love the tattoo!!
    Have a great day!