Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thoughts on a Thursday

Sometimes I get tired of going against the current. I think it must be something to go along with conventional wisdom and socially accepted norms. I mean, it isn't the kind of life I want, but it must be somewhat easier not to have to answer questions about why or how I do things. It must be nice not to be the butt of jokes from friends who think we are too "extreme" or just plain wrong. It must be nice not to feel like I have to defend every choice that I make to well meaning, but bothersome people. It all just gets rather tiresome to me from time to time.

And here is the best part...I have lots and lots more of this to look forward too.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that veganism is like a religion to me. I take it so seriously and it is a part of my soul, part of the essence of who I am. It isn't a diet created to deny myself "pleasure" or to set myself apart from other people. It is a moral code that I choose to live by and teach my child.

Why is it so hard to understand that I believe my child will learn things in his own time. I am tired of people telling me that he should be potty trained already or that he should know how to use the pedals on his bike and so on. John is absolutely smart enough to do those things, but he is obviously not READY or he would be doing them.

I haven't shared our journey into homemade toys, our RV adventure or my research into unschooling with most of the people in my life. It is sad to me sometimes that I feel more comfortable sharing it with the blog world than with family and friends. I just know that people already think that Josh and I are "out there" and that some of the people that are close to us seem to be offended by the lives that we are choosing to live.

I stand by my choices, I know that they are right for our family. I know that my little boy is a happy, intelligent, well cared for, extremely loved little boy. I know that I would never put him in harms way for any reason and that any idea or value that I may hold dear would be thrown out the window if it jeopardized him in any way. I guess that people could just respect that there are different ways to live a life and raise a child. You can choose your way and I can choose mine, it doesn't make either of us right or wrong, it just makes us different.


  1. You are amazing!! THANK YOU for always being honest and sharing your feelings and thoughts with us! I am very proud of you!!! You are an incredible Mother, Woman, Friend etc...etc...!!! I am very grateful to know you and I love the way you live your life! It is INSPIRATIONAL to me!! :)
    Thank you!!

  2. I tell people all of the time the way that you are raising John and every person I tell is mighty impressed. "She makes toys out of wood? That is incredible!" they say. "Her son is probably going to grow up healthy and not be obese like so many other children," they say when I tell them you are raising him Vegan. If your friends make fun of you then they are not sure of what you are doing exactly. They don't fully understand, so maybe you should break it down to them in smaller pieces to explain. All of my friends embrace my lifestyle and if they don't, they are simply not my friends. I love you and I support you 100 percent (except maybe on the Lady Gaga stuff) (:

  3. Hi Katie,

    I follow your blog all the time and I find what your doing to be amazing. Living outside of a consumerist, materialistic society and instilling those morals in a child at an early age is inspiring.

  4. if they don't understand what you're telling them, just keep at it, and you'll show them. someday. If not, their loss.

  5. umm...people are stupid. thats my common response to situations like this. like someone else said, they probably just really don't understand it. but what you're doing is great, so don't be afraid to stand by it. kudos to you.

  6. Kudos to you Katie (and Josh!) I know the comments we get and we are nowhere near as weird as you ;) SO JUST KIDDING! Just because I choose not to do some mainstream things does not mean my children are suffering. I always tell myself, the reason people get so defensive is they KNOW what you are doing is overall 'better' for your child and they are guilty that they can't or won't do the same!