Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weather and Dreads = a glorious day

Today we had the most gorgeous storm. One of the things that I enjoy about AZ summers is monsoon weather. When I was a kid (and horrifically terrified of storms) it seemed like we had monsoons all the time. Now, it seems as though we never have them, especially not during the day when we can enjoy them. Today, the universe saw fit to grace us with a full on storm with thunder, lightening, wind AND rain! I stood outside for the longest time waiting for my dad to bring John home and I just soaked it all in. Then John and I went out and played in the rain and mud, extraordinary!
Jeez, you can hardly tell my nose is pierced in this picture, but it is there I assure you :)

This was my hair on Friday...
And here it is now.
It's not entirely finished. You can see some part are still not dreaded on the left. I think we probably have about two more hours left, but we are taking a little break for now. We can only work on it after John goes to bed and Josh works the next several nights, so I just wear it pulled back. You really can't tell it's not done until it is down.
I am in love!

P.S. I voted today, did you?!?

1 comment:

  1. Love the nose piercing and the hair! So awesome!
    I love the summer rain storms too!! We have been getting them some lately and I just love them! (except when it knocks out our power like Sunday) :)