Monday, August 16, 2010

So, I think that I am back. I feel like I am rejuvenated, energized and full of hopes and goals. I have really been enjoying my time with John and my family. We have been busy, busy, busy but I guess that is not really ever going to change.

Randoms: Goals and Thoughts in no particular order
  • Josh and I have decided that we are going to unschool John. It probably isn't going to be strict unschooling, there will be some Waldorf inspired homeschooling going on, but the emphasis will be on John leading us where he wants to go. I have so much more research to do, I think we are going to take an online seminar, but I really feel like my heart and soul are leading us in this direction. I will be sure to keep my blog updated as we make our way through this journey. I am sure that people will have questions, as unschooling is someone of a "radical" and "odd" way of schooling. Please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.
  • We have decided to put our RV dream on hold for a while. We really feel like it might not be the most realistic goal as we are really hoping to have another child in the next year or two. Since we can't do pregnancy the easy way, we have to save up in order to have the procedures that need to be done. So goal one is to have another child.
  • Since the RV goal is on hold we are thinking that once we have a baby we will probably move to WA, OR or CO. I am rooting for the Northwest and Josh is hoping for CO. We are going to be having some serious discussions and planning sessions while Josh has Thur, Fri and Sat off this week. What I know for sure is that my heart can't take AZ even though it will be beyond hard to leave my family.
  • Goal: Get some product created and find a way to market it so that I can bring in some income, even if it isn't a tremendous amount.
Anyway, so many things to think about and plan for. On another note, I know I have apologized for this before, but I haven't been the greatest pen pal or blog friend lately. For some reason, I have really been living inside my head lately. I think that part of growing and changing as drastically as we have been attempting to do, can make a person feel pretty overwhelmed. So please forgive me for my lack of correspondence lately.


  1. what do yo think about web design hun? you're clearly a creative person, you like spending time with your little man... it's free to learn(because I've got books for you) and it's free to get started :) Remind me to talk more on Wednesday! I hate to see you killing yourself crafting, lol!

  2. You are just the best. I'm so super happy and supportive of your un-schooling and if you ever need me to help you (how I have no idea!) just let me know!
    Also- I would totally love to collaborate on a project for Etsy or something with you to!
    Anyways- I could go on forever and ever but just know that I am glad that your back to blogging! Can't wait to hear what you have been up to with your guys.

  3. girl, i got your back, no matter what. and i don't blame you for wanting to leave, but maybe if i open my bakery and have you work with me, you might change your mind? the only way fo az to be better, is to make it better!! (: we should do dinner on thursday!

  4. Don't apologize for anything! From the sounds of it, you've had some very serious thoughts running through your mind. I'll be interested to learn more about "unschooling". I'm a teacher (and LOVE my profession) but know that it is a growing trend. Different types of education fascinate me.

  5. yay! so glad youre back. and i think you and rikki should do a bakery. id totally come visit and buy one of everything. :)
    and i agree with other comments- no need to apologize youve got a lot going on.
    ive missed ya- glad youre back