Saturday, August 7, 2010


Sometimes the universe is so generous it takes my breath away. It is unbelievable to me how my families needs are met, sometimes even our wants, from the unlikeliest of places.

For at least the last few weeks I have been dreaming of having a little kitchen set for John. My little man loves to help me in the kitchen, and having an area for him to "cook" alongside me would be pretty awesome. I have seen some awesome do-it-yourself versions, but even those cost money. So I have put the idea in the back of my mind for the time being until we can get it figured out.

Then today I was driving home from my moms (in my car that now has air conditioning, thanks to three clips from bread bags and ten minutes of labor from Josh and my stepfather. How amazing is it to have air conditioning in 110 degree heat, you may ask? Pretty f-ing awesome!) I saw a truck stopped on the side of the road by my house and looked closer at what it was checking out. A KITCHEN SET!!!! The truck pulled away and I drove home at top speed, ran into my dad who was checking the mail, and told him to get in his truck and meet me up the street. I ended up with a totally awesome, and in great condition, Little Tykes kitchen set. The front has an indoor kitchen area with a stove, microwave, dishwasher, sink, shelves, etc. The back has a grill and a little counter area. John thinks it is the best thing ever. I had to give him actual uncooked noodles to play with since I haven't made food yet. It was quite a mess :) He did use some of the wood blocks to make soy burgers, which was so sweet to see.

We also drove with a cozy coupe car with the top taken off so it looks like a convertible and a tool bench with like 7-8 tools.

I am just so grateful and I know my son is so happy.


  1. That is awesome. What a great deal. :)

  2. That is awesome!!! Post some pics of him using it!! Can't wait to see it!!
    I love how the world works out sometimes!

  3. Oh yea! Your son must be one of the happiest little kiddos around.
    Your such an awesome mom!

  4. Haha we got our pink cozy coup from the dumpster at our old apartments. I was on the patio one night when I saw a mom leave it there and I snached it right away. Pink and purple... I only had 2 boys at the time lol!!! I must have known the next one would be a girl... What a sign ;)

  5. Is John even going to want to come over anymore??? He's got all this cool stuff at his place!

  6. Wow! How lucky were you? Some things were just meant to be!

  7. awww yay! i love it when things work out like that!! :]