Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Break From Blogging

Hello My Friends...
I think I am going to take a little break from my blog. Probably only for a week or two, but it might be shorter or longer. I am really trying to continue reevaluating my priorities and where I am coming from. I love blogging, I love the connections I have made with people, but I just feel like I am running out of things to say at this exact moment. I hope I come back revitalized and creative, but right now I just want to pour all of my energy out into my actual life. No need to fear, nothing is wrong, no life altering events, in fact everything is really really good right now and I just want to focus on that.
I am still going to be reading other peoples blogs though :) I think I would miss seeing what is going on with everyone :)
Happy Wednesday!


  1. we will be here when you get back!!!! Loves!!

  2. I'll miss you (but I'll text you tons too-in fact I was going to tonight if I didn't see a blog post to ask if you were on a blog break!)
    Enjoy your life and your family and making things. I am almost done filling up the package for you that I told you about (yeah- the one from like two months ago!) Miss you!

  3. oh please hurry back! we will miss you!
    i think we need to email!!! i'll be tons of sad if we lose touch.

  4. Have a good break but hope you come back!

    Hugs, Donna

  5. ah, i just found your blog... lol