Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sometimes It Feels Like Time Repeats Itself

It hasn't been long since I posted about John being sick the last time. Poor guy, he is sick again already. RSV/Bronchiolitis and a double ear infections. That equals more breathing treatments, antibiotics and very little sleep for any of us. To top off the joy, John shared his cold with Josh and I so we get to be sick as a family.
The result of all of this illness, no fun pictures and very few fun stories.
I did spend a lot of time in bed yesterday, which gave me some time for crafting. I made John an awesome felt birthday hat. I am actually really proud of how well it turned out. I promise there will be some pictures soon.

I also had the good fortune of winning a giveaway over at Her Sunday Dress. I will be getting some awesome gifts, including a copy of Alice and Wonderland, a few handmade goodies, a pedicure set and some crafting supplies. I was so so excited and after a trying weekend it was a wonderful surprise.

Hopefully I will have some fun stuff to post after the weekend.

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