Friday, February 12, 2010


Today is one of those days when I wish I had a girl friend, a best friend in fact. Not that Joshua isn't my very best friend, because he is. But I miss girl talk. I miss talking about something other than kids, even though that is a lot of fun. I miss movie nights and eating out, window shopping, coffee, inside jokes...all of it. I know I haven't been a great friend in the past. I usually put my needs before everyone else's, but I am learning. Becoming a mom has made me less selfish, more introspective. So, maybe I need to join a singles group for friends, a dating service maybe... :)

Anyway, I had a night to myself tonight. Josh took John and I had the opportunity to do something that I wanted to do, so I went and saw The Lovely Bones. The book is one of my all time favorite reads. I just want to hug it every time I pick it up (which has probably been at least 10 - 11 times). The movie was different, but it didn't disappoint me. I enjoyed it a great deal. I loved all of the actors and actresses, and I thought Stanley Tucci was especially perfect in his role.

Tomorrow we are going hiking and then to a birthday party. Lets hope John doesn't pick anything up and stays healthy. It is looking like it will be a lovely weekend :)

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  1. I want to see this movie! I didn't know that it was a book. Should I read the book first, or does that matter? I am always looking for a good read...let me know! Thanks! And also- yippee for you having a night out! I am sure I will let the whole world know when I get one!
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