Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just Because They Are Cute...

We went for a walk at the Riparian park on Tuesday. I love that place so much. We brought som chicken scratch to feed the ducks and they followed us around while we walked on the little pier. So sweet :)
Play-Doh madness has taken over our house. We play all the time. John has taken to giving me a confused look when I make him stop playing to take a picture. I swear he was having a good time.

A huge crib to sleep in and he always finds a way to be curled in the most uncomfortable position possible.

He accidently ate the rind

He went to the dentist and he was so unbelievable good. No fussing at all really. I liked the densitst AND we got to go for free because we had a coupon that came in the mail. I LOVE getting a good deal.

We went to the AZ Museum for Youth before John got sick. He finds something new to enjoy every time we go.

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