Sunday, September 26, 2010


Yesterday my mom and I went to this raw "vegan" festival up in Prescott. Now, I am really working hard at being positive, so I won't really say much about it. It didn't quite live up to my expectations and it wasn't really vegan (lots of honey and silk for sale, bummer) but it was still really nice to get away. My mom got me this awesome cotton dress that I will have to take pictures of because I can't really describe it. It is very simple, but I love the cut and its buttery yellow color. John did awesome on the car ride up, but was sleepy and unable to nap on the way home. It was good practice because...Next weekend we are going to SAN DIEGO!!!!

We used to travel a bit with my mom because she travels a lot for work. Lately she has been home more, which means no fun trips for us. The upside is that we get to see her a lot more frequently. The downside is that we don't get to go on vacation with the most awesome travel companion ever. My mom is always up for anything, she is always excited and she is just fun in general.
So anyway, she told us about a month ago that she wanted to take a weekend trip somewhere fun and we all agreed on San Diego. It is driving distance, we can do the beach and Balboa park for free, and we can go to LEGOland! In case I haven't  mentioned it before, my husband and son have LEGO fever. Josh has always been addicted to LEGO's, but now he is building them with John and having a blast.

So, next weekend we are going to have a much needed vacation and we are all thrilled. Until then, I am keeping John around the house to work on a schedule and rhythm. He has been having a lot more tantrums than we are used to, and I am bound and determined to help him regain his sense of calm.
I will keep you updated on what tactics we try :)

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  1. I love San Diego so much! Have fun guys!!! Don't forget to take the trolley with John.... he'll LOVE IT!!!