Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have been feeling like a big ball of blah for the last two days. I picked up some kind of stomach bug or ate something bad. I am really not sure which, as I am the only sick one in the house. Josh has totally stepped up and been so great with John. He even spent the night at my moms last night so I wouldn't have to hear John and want to help. Tonight though, he has to work. I am still sick and so so tired, so my mom and stepdad took John for the evening. It will be his first time alone for the night over there. He was very excited to go back and go swimming, and I know I should relish the quiet. Here is the thing though, the open door to his room is about 3 feet from where my head is laying on my pillow. That means I can look into his room and feel the lack of his presence. Being sick doesn't make me want to be away from my boy. I miss him and I want to feel better so that I can kiss him and love him the way that I do every day.
I know I have posted this picture before, but I misssss this face

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  1. aw boo. im sorry you dont feel well. i hope your little guy is able to come home and cuddle with his momma soon!