Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Wizbang Good Day

Today was one of those days when I feel like we spent every minute doing something. It doesn't seem like we have those very often, even though I would really like to spend more time REALLY living. So I am just content and full today.

We got up this morning at 6:15, which may not seem too early for some, but for an insomniac like me it is pretty freaking early. We ate a quick breakfast and then pulled John in his wagon down to our local park.

When we got home I cleaned up a little and the boys played with Duplos. Josh built John the cutest elephant.

Then John and I made blueberry muffins.  

After naptime John and I went outside to play. He wanted to wash his gator and then we pulled out the pool and fantastically trashy fringed umbrella. (That umbrella was at my mom's house when she bought it. It may be ugly, but John and I get sooo much use out of it because it is light enough to carry around easily.)

We ended up playing out there for over two hours. Then came inside and went back out into the front yard to play.  Needless to say, John fell asleep instantly when I put him down.

Not much substance to this post, but I am full of joy and just had to share it :)

Happy Thursday!

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  1. First of all that umbrella is AMAZING! I love how garish it looks.
    It seems like you guys have such an awesome time together. I can't wait to someday come to AZ and hang out with you and John (and the whole AZ gang!)