Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Apartment...very image heavy

Today while John and I were vacuuming he started to play with the hose. He kept making it suck on his hand, which terrified him and then made him dissolve into giggles. I got out the camera to capture a few pictures and then decided to take a few of the apartment.

We live in a garage at my dads that we converted, well Josh and my dad did, into an awesome little apartment. It is 18 feet by 18 feet, but it actually feels very cozy instead of feeling too cramped. As two major pack rats, we had to get rid of so much of our stuff, which was scary but incredibly liberating. We do have some stuff stored at my moms, but almost everything we own fits into this little space. We are so very lucky to have this place to live after we moved out of our house when the economy turned so bad. Anyway, here are some pictures just to show you how three people and their belongings fit here.

First of all, here is the vacuuming picture. It makes me smile to have such a joyful boy.

Our picture wall. There used to be a couch below it, but we got rid of it after it became a place to store all of the clutter.

John's play area. Of course, his play area is actually our whole apartment, my dad's living room, and the entire 3/4 of an acre backyard :)

The refrigerator is right next to the closet, which makes me laugh as I type it.

Our closet

These pictures are right above our bed. The two prints are by this amazing Haitian artist that Josh and I met in Flagstaff at an art show.

The bed, notice the bin of toys. I told you John takes over the apartment.

Our bookshelf, containing about 20% of the books I used to own. I can never keep it organized because I am always adding new books and I hate to get rid of old ones.

Part of the bathroom. There is a toilet in there too, but who really wants to see a toilet?

The storage area in the bathroom. All of my crafty stuff is in here.

John's bookshelf. It is clean because we have to put the books away multiple times each day. He loves to drag them out.

Above his crib.

The fleece bedding I put together for him. The rocket ships are just a blanket, the peace signs are the sheets.

Still John's room

His "dresser" that is never, ever organized. He loves to pull the clothes out while yelling, "STINKER." I made the mistake of letting him do it once and laughingly calling him a stinker, so now it is a favorite activity.

We mom won him the cow picture at a dinner benefiting Farm Sanctuary. They are cows that actually have been saved and reside at the sanctuary.

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  1. Looks great! Don't you hate how IKEA catalogs make it look so effortless to contain a family in a small space? Apparently only AMERICAN children compulsively need to see EVERY TOY at ALL TIMES haha!