Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It will not control me

I have been overweight for a loooong time. I don't really remember ever being physically fit, but I do know that the last time I looked remotely slender was in high school. I have a long standing love/hate relationship with food. I love it while I eat it and then hate that I ate it when I am done. Two nights ago I was laying in bed thinking about how the next day was a fresh day and that I wanted to start eating better...like I think pretty much every night. Then I realized something, food and food craving don't control me. I control them. I don't have to eat every time my body says I am hungry (because most of the time I am not, I am just bored.) And if I truly am hungry at a snacky time of day, well, I control what I eat. So it may seem like something really simple, but it was a big revalation to me. I know what to eat and how much to eat, but only I have the conrol to make it happen. That is a lot of power and it is very inspiring to me. So yesterday and today were both great days and I controlled the situation. I will become a more heathy person, for myself and for my family.

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  1. I realized something yesterday... I was NOT upset with Brett for telling me that I couldn't have one of his chocolate doughnuts, I was upset with myself for wanting one so badly that it was making me upset with my husband AND blinding me to all of my healthier options because nothing could replicate the taste and feel of a chocolate doughnut :( I think I'll think twice before taking out my food rage on my husband in the future haha :)