Friday, January 22, 2010

Dancing and pantless cleaning...but not at the same time

It is hard to believe that this is even the same kiddo.

John had a follow up doctors appointment today and he got a clean bill of health. He really likes the female doctor who has been seeing him while he is sick, and since he has been sick A LOT this fall/winter, he has seen her A LOT. Now he gets excited when I say we are going to the doctors. Today he kept saying, "checka ears. Checka tummy." I tell him that she is looking at his tummy when she is listening to his lungs.


We had a little dance party at our house tonight. My sister turned on all of her music, which John LOVES. He has little names for a few of the songs and will even sing them to himself while he walks around the house. So cute. He has a little thing for Beyonce. He really likes the song Single Ladies, but only when he can watch the video. We are pretty sure he just likes to watch Beyonce dance around in a leotard.

Yep, he is indeed vaccuming with no pants on. I don't understand it either :)

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