Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Busy Weekend

Josh let me sleep in because my insomnia has been acting up. I woke up to find J-man and daddy relaxing side by side on the couch, so sweet.

He found a purple pencil case that he started carrying all over the backyard. He was even giving it rides on his bike.

There is no reason to post this one, but I think it is cute. Too bad he is a drool monster.

J-Man had to start some breathing treatments for his Bronchiolitis. He doesn't sit still very well, but he is so patient for these. I never let him watch TV, but we let him watch a little video while he is doing the treatment. I guess the bribary works because he sits still for a full five minutes.

Josh, my mom and I went to see Kathy Griffin last night at Dodge Theater. As usual, she was hilarious. We had great seats, but we used my dads camera and it took the WORST pictures. They look like we were three miles away. We had such a great time, just like we always do!

I made some homemade bath crayons for John, We'll see how they turn out. It is basically just grated glycerin soap, water and food coloring. I spooned it into cookie cutters and it is freezing as I type this. Hopefully it works because I don't trust the chemicals in the Crayola ones.

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