Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder?

Sometimes I wonder...what is my identity, really? What is the most defining characteristic of who a person is? Is it race? Gender? Sexuality? Is it my job or spouse or being a parent? Is it all of those things and more?
I mean, if I had to list the things that I define myself as, I would say...
1. Mother
2. Wife
3. Daughter
4. Vegan
5. Liberal
6. Pagan

I am sure the list could go on and on if I really thought about it, but I look at it and I have questions. The first three things are all defined by my relationships with other people.What if, by some horrible occurence, those things changed? Would I lose my whole identity? The last three have only reeally come to be in the last 3 years. Who was I before that? Am I still that person?
I guess I wonder because I really love this me. I love this person that 29 years has helped me become. I want to keep growing and changing, but I never want to leave any of these factors behind. I just want to grow this list and grow myself.
If you had to list the top five characteristics of your identity what would they be??

1 comment:

  1. i love you too!!!

    hm my list:
    1. daughter
    2. sister
    3. friend
    4. christian
    5. girlfriend
    6. explorer
    7. teacher intern
    8. stubborn
    9. balanced
    i feel like i may have put too many. lol