Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Day and A Funny Quote

Today is one of those days when I feel so blessed and happy to be me. I know, we should have those everyday, but who really does?
It started yesterday when one of my awesome blog firends emailed me and asked me about making her some handmade goods for Christmas. Of course I said HECK YEAH!!! I am so excited to make her a customized gift and help her put a smile on someones face. Her order also made me realize that if I want to start selling goods I need to get my butt in gear and update my little blog, so that is high up on my list of priorities. If you are interested in seeing what kinds of things I make, take a look here :)

Today Joshua and I were talking and we decided that we want to throw a little holiday party. We have literally NEVER thrown a real gathering, other than John's birthday, in the 11 years we have been together. Oops, I guess we did have a wedding, but I don't know if that counts. So we are going to have our friends over to our house and have a bonfire, some vegan treats and booze. Soooo excited :)

Then I went to my new friend Leah's house. You know how sometimes you meet a person and you just know you are meant to be friends? That's how I feel about her. Actually, this is the second AWESOME lady I have met recently that I just feel so excited to have connected with. Anyway, John and I went to her house and hung out for a few hours with her and her cool kids. John is totally obsessed with her boys. As much fun as he had, it just felt so good to be able to sit and talk for two hours and laugh.

This afternoon John had an appointment with a pediatric surgeon. It was just for a little hernia, but I was feeling very nervous at the thought of him having surgery. Anesthesia is something that scares the crap out of me. Well, we went to the appointment and she said the type of hernia he has really has no risk associated with it. It is totally safe to just watch and wait. If it ever hurts at all and we want to have it fixed then that is an option later. As for now, not surgery for my boy!

Random John quote of the day..."Mom, you are jacking my style." I almost fell out of my chair when he dropped that one on me. (Backstory: one of my awesome family members shared the Black Eyed Peas song Boom Boom Pow with John. In his mind they are saying Boom Boom Plow, and we all know how much he loves tractors. Any song about plowing must be great, so we had to listen to it 756 times today. In the song she says something about jacking her style and John picked it up.)

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