Wednesday, November 3, 2010

English - The Trick 
I posted pictures last night of John Trick Or Treating, but I didn't post this story.

We live in a really conservative town, very religious and judgemental. I am used to dealing with a lot of criticism and judgement from various religious groups. I think that is a big part of why I have such a chip on my shoulder about religion. When we went trick or treating, we knew that A LOT of the homes in our neighborhood would be off limits because Halloween fell on a Sunday. I can understand that and respect it. However, when we went to a house that was lit up, and VERY decorated, I watched the woman slip this pamphlet into my two and a half year old son's bucket. Right away I figured it was religious, BUT the house was decorated with skeletons and witches so I figured I must have the wrong idea.
When I got home I found a religious tract published by an "evangelical" company. Here is a little idea of what I saw inside.

Page 5

Page 8

Page 13

Now, let me just say that normally I might find something like this slightly amusing in its absurdity. The problem is that this person gave this "christian" flyer to my child. Thankfully, I saw it and caught it. Thankfully, he cannot read. Thankfully, he has no idea that this even ended up in his bucket. This woman should also be thankful, because had he seen this and become upset, she would be suffering a wrath of shit from a VERY angry and protective mama.
I don't understand how this woman can decorate and hand out candy, allowing her children to enjoy the holiday, but try to take the fun out of my child's night. I don't understand what kind of rationale allows someone to think it is ok to hand this to a complete strangers child. If she had given it to me I might at least have a small amount of respect. As it is I am just baffled and pissed.
What do you think? How would you feel? I know I have some awesome Christian friends on this blog...what do you think about doing something like this?
Here is the link for the site that puts these things out if you want to read the whole flyer.


  1. This lady should be ashamed of herself! If I were you I'd go back to that house and talk to her anyway! Please please please call 12 on your side or something!!! Completely unacceptable!

  2. I would be super pissed off, but at the same time I find it ridiculous and kind of humerous that so many people are so delusional, and that they think it is so necessary to push their beliefs onto other people. Christians preach tolerance and love, and they preach not to judge others harshly, yet too often some practice the exact opposite of the beliefs they are imposing on others. What that lady did was certainly un unchristian thing to do.