Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Advent V2

Yesterday's Advent Activity

I got this suncatcher kit at Hobby Lobby for like a buck. I totally remember doing these as a kid!

So intent on making a big mess :)

The finished product :) (Don't mind the trashy Volvo in the background. Josh is trying to make some extra money buying Volvos and then fixing them up and selling them.)

Besides the Advent Activity yesterday was a supremely productive. I love days like that!
I made a big batch of caesar dressing from V-Con. I thought it was going to be so great based on my taste test, but I HATED it. I choked down my salad in total disappointment. I also baked bread and pizza dough, baked a pizza, made homemade pesto with Basil from our garden and baked muffins. Aaaand I finished an order and cleaned the apartment. Hooray!

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