Monday, November 22, 2010

Advent Calendar/activites

In some of my wanderings through blogland, I have come across families who use advent "calendars" as a way to countdown to Christmas. I guess for some this advent has religious and spiritual backgrounds, a way to celebrate Jesus's birth. For me it is going to be something different. Christmas is a holiday that I look forward to as a time for tradition and love. However, we don't have many traditions in my family. I long to have traditions with my children that we can look forward to and celebrate from year to year. I think that having our little advent adventure every day will be one of those things and it will be a fun way to count down to what I am sure will soon be John's favorite holiday.
Here are the things that John will be pulling out of our calendar on each of the 28 days.
1. Decorate the Christmas Tree
2. Make glitter cards
3. Pinecone hunt
4. Pinecone birdseed feeder
5. Christmas Book - Maybe The Night Before Christmas...whatever I can find used I guess :)
6. Set up our Christmas Train
7. Paint a shirt for a picture with Santa
8. Visit Santa
9. Small Lego set (gift)
10. Make a cottonball beard and felt hat
11. Make a Christmas snowglobe with a baby food jar
12. Handprint painting
13. Watch Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer
14. Visit a tree patch
15. Make a plate for santa
16. Go see the snow
17. Matchbox car (gift)
18. Make a salt dough ornament
19. Go see holiday lights
20. Make Christmas cookies
21. String popcorn garland
22. Make paper snowflakes
23. Make a gift for daddy
24. Make a gingerbread house or gingerbread man
25. Letter to Santa
26. Slippers (gift)
27. Pajamas (gift)
28. Peel carrots and bake cookies for Santa and reindeer

I still have to make our advent "calendar" to hold these activities and gifts. I have the cutest advent garland that is little knit stockings and mittens, but I don't think it will hold everything. I am thinking that I will probably just get some paper bags and decorate them, but who knows...I may get more creative.
I will post pictures as I work on these projects :)


  1. best idea ever?? i think so! love it and cant wait to see the finished thing and all the photos from these awesome events...i may even have to steal this idea... :)