Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today I Felt Infinite

Tonight I had a moment, actually several minutes, of perfection. How beautiful it is when every single aspect of an experience is exactly right and I just get to bask in the joy of it all.
We went outside after dinner and John was playing with a few matchbox cars creating a little story for them. Josh and I were listening, but not involved. Then John said my some of my favorite words..."Daddy, come play with me."
***John is sometimes a bit standoffish with his dad. He spends all day with me and Josh is gone a lot for work. As a result, John doesn't want his dad to do things with him some of the time.***
They got on the trampoline and I got to watch my husband be a daddy. Not just a father, someone who provides and lays down rules, but a daddy who loves his boy in ways he doesn't always think to show. They bounced and I sat in the shade. The temperature was so perfect, probably 70 degrees. It was that time of day/evening when the light is perfect and makes even our dried out backyard seem glorious. It was just...infinite. Perfect beyond words. I hesitated to get my camera because I didn't want to miss even a second, but I also wanted a tangible representation of this memory. Here are a few pictures that I snapped, they may not look all that important to you, but trust me...they were.

 I feel that I should explain this shirt, which is pretty much the trashiest thing Josh owns. Its sleeves are cut off, and even though it has a flag, it is actually from the strip club he went to for his bachelor party. I think it is hilarious, but thankfully he only wears it when working on cars.

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  1. That is sooo awesome! It sounds like you had an amazing day. So many great photos too. I love that you felt that you need to explain Josh's shirt too! Soo funny!
    I love to see you blogging again!