Thursday, February 17, 2011

Look Mom!

 We went on a nature walk/park trip today and John wore his awesome haedlamp that is 32 sizes to big.
I love that he looks like a kid, not just a baby. I miss the days when he was so small, but these days bring me so much laughter. He says the most random things ie, "Why does she want to ride on a disco stick?" How does one even answer that?

I saw this little pill bug and we stopped to say hi. We put down a stick and the "friend" climbed on, which allowed John to get a closer look. He was so gentle but he wanted to take his new friend with us. I had to explain that we couldn't take him away from his family. We ended up making three trips back to see the little guy.

A few feet further John said, "Look Mom, another friend!" It was an ant that also climbed up onto a stick for inspection.

John looked at it for a few minutes and then said "Mom, he loves me."

How rad is my kid with his baby dreads. They formed completely on their own, and yes, I do wash his hair.

Painting a gift for daddy's birthday.

We had such a wonderful day again today :)

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