Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh my goodness! Things have been so insane here at the Ventura house. Here is the short version of events since mid-Jan.
1. Josh got the flu...bad. He was so exhausted that he passed out twice and ended up in bed for like 4 days. 2. We got to go to this amazing cabin that one of his clients owns. They are so generous to us and let us go by ourselves for the weekend. Pics below
3. I signed up to do my first craft show. This was especially scary because I don't carry stock of anything. Everything I do is custom, so I had to make EVERYTHING before the show.
4. I got the flu...bad. My mom took John for two days and my dad took him for two. It was doubly horrible to be sick and be heartsick missing my baby.
5. John got RSV and was also incredibly sick. Luckily, the universe cut us a break and John waited to get sick until I was moderately better and could take care of him.
6. Once he got better his temper and moods were absolutely out of control. I spent 5 days in tears and frustrated dealing with whining and temper tantrums that I have never experienced.
7. John snapped out of it and I had 5 days to craft almost everything I needed before the crafts show that took place on Feb 12th.
Soooo...I haven'thad a chance to do much of anything, let alone blog. I am so excited to get back to our routine and have some adventures to share. Josh turns 30 on Saturday, so we are having a date night. John started potty training today, which is a big old step off of a cliff because I have zero idea what I am doing :) He is excited though, and I love seeing his little tushy in underpants.

Here are some pics from the last month, including the craft show.

  The Unkamama Crafts Table :)

Sick mama, Sick Baby, Happy Cat

Hugging "Frosty"

Snow Angels

A small taste of this gorgeous cabin

Fort Building at home :)

I hope I get to post more regularly again now that things have calmed down.

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  1. Holy cow, what a crazy few weeks!!I am glad you are all feeling better now! I love all the cute things you had at the craft fair!
    You are amazing! :)