Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Head is Spinning

Whenever things calm down a little bit life seems to throw us a curve ball. We are moving...quickly. My dad's house sold at auction a week ago and we got notice that we have to be out in two weeks, actually a week and 5 days. That means that I have to pack our apartment and help pack my dad's house, which has about 30 years of accumulated stuff. We also have to find and secure a rental house to move into. We are all very excited at the prospect of a newer, larger house but this whole process is pretty stressful.
So, I guess things may be quiet at Unkamama again...


  1. Scary! Pack the closets first... I always leave them for last and am SHOCKED by the amount of useless shit packed into them :P

  2. *squee* How fun / scary / interesting! I love changes but they make my stomach weak too. I know that you guys can get everything needed done in time though! Love you!

  3. Where are you?! I miss you!!
    I hope you are doing ok!