Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Randoms

Here are ten random things that I am loving/thinking/doing/dreaming...

1. Josh and I have been watching this show, Everest: Beyond the Limit, on Netflix. It has renewed my crazy passion for all things having to do with Sagarmatha. It inspired me to start reading and dreaming about a trek to Base Camp. I have no desire to stand on the summit of Everest, I don't ever want to "conquer" her. I really just want to bask in her presence and beauty.

2. John has started saying "I Love You" about 100 times a day. There is literally nothing better than hearing him call from another room, "Mom....I Love You." He does it for no reason and it completely fill me up when my reserves are low.

3. Josh and I are taking a financial planning class. I hate all things having to do with money. I wish I could barter and just remove myself from the process. I might actually be a little afraid of it since it has been such an issue for us. The bottom line is that we are assholes with our money and have to learn to save and be a little wiser. Josh is about a month away from a promotion, which would mean we are about 6-8 months away from getting a place of our own. If we want it to actually happen we have to be able to stick to a budget, so off to class we go

4. We sold our second car, so we are a one car family. John and I have been walking to the grocery store and a few other places. We have also been sticking closer to home, which slows down the pace of our day in a way I had been dreaming of. It feels good to keep simplifying.

5. Josh turns 30 on Saturday!!! I am about 3 month behind him. I think we are going to plan a night out drinking and laughing with all of our friends in mid-April. 30 feels like such a milestone and for some reason I am truly, deeply excited. I joke about 30-anxiety, but it feels like such a concrete step into adulthood, one that I am happy to take.

6. I found this movie, Barry Munday, and it is my new favorite.

7. My dreads are kicking ass. I need to take a picture of them, but they are locking and have a few beads and junk in them. I love them. I love that they set me apart from all of the other stay at home moms in my area.

Uhhhh, I can't think of anything for 8 through 10. I am going to go back to my book and wait for Josh to come back in so we can watch our show :)

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