Monday, January 3, 2011

A Bit of Handmade Christmas and a small update to my craft blog

I said I would post some pictures of a few of the things I made for Christmas and I am actually following through :)

Some small I Spy bags. One has Christmas lights and the other has small cowboy items. John was actually surprisingly interested in these.

I am proud of the way that this one turned out. It is a spiral that he can trace with his finger or guide a marble though the groove. It is meant to help calm and focus someone, namely a child, as he or she silently works through the spiral. I worked the groove with a drill press and then watercolor painted the wood.

Here is the finished product of the felt board. He loves it. We play farm and add animals or hide them behind the barn.
I found a template for this teepee on someone else's blog. I don't want to be a beast, but the template was crap. The measurments she provided didn't work, so I had to fudge everything a bit. Nonetheless, I like how it turned out and John is happy with it.

I made a few things for other family members too, but I forgot to get pictures. Hopefully I will be able to get a few soon.

Also, I added a few items to my crafty shop. Some of them are items here, but there are some new earrings as well.


  1. Amazing! I wish you shared all of the amazing things that you create more often. I love them all- you are so talented Katie.

  2. Awesome!!
    all of it ~ really amazing!

  3. aw! the felt board is such a good idea! so cute.