Monday, October 10, 2011

Coming to close

So, we are on day 10 of our cleanse. Five days of raw and five days of juicing. It's been really good, although way too expensive for us. We got produce for the 5 juicing days and it was about $160. That is usually our food budget for almost two weeks. Soooo, we can't really do the reboot exclusively after today. For the next five days we are going to try and eat mostly fruits and veggies, with nuts and beans mixed in. I am going to work to stay away from sugar and processed foods. It is soo worth it. I feel great and I have lost 11 pounds in 10 days. I have energy and just generally feel better. So that's the diet. I will probably post pics in about a month, once the exercize and diet have continued to pay off. Luckily, we are getting cooler weather here in AZ, so it will be much more pleasant to exercize out side.

I have been really productive craftwise this month. I made John an countdown to Halloween calendar. Each square is a little pocket for a small surprise. I designed it and embroidered all of it, and I love how it turned out. I got the idea from a Pottery Barn catalogue, but there is no way I was going to pay Pottery Barn prices.

Each day I put a small surprise in for John.

I made small fall faeries for the first day. I haven't really gotten pictures of the other things, but I also made him a small crocheted pumpkin, a pumpkin mask, a set of finger puppets, a small painted jack o' lantern and a few other things. He is so excited to go check the calendar every morning :)

I took pictures of some of the other fall crafts, but apperantly I forgot to load them onto my computer. I will post them soon.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Days 2 and 3

I am three days into my Reboot now. Day 2 was rough, but not quite as rough as I thought it would be. I was a little nauseated and tired, but that was about it. Today I woke up and was pretty nauseated and had a headache, but those went away about 9am and haven't come back. While I was cooking dinner I realized that I had a lot more energy than earlier in the day. I think that we may have gotten over the worst of the detoxing.
I really meant to take pics of the food because dinner last night was soooo good. Green veggie soup and acorn squash stuffed with portobello mushrooms. There were lots of leftovers, so that helped with the prep today.
Tomorrow we have two juices instead of just one. The morning juice is supposed to be this Mexican-style Jugo. It is cucumber, cilantro, jalepeno and something else. I had to draw the line, I can't drink that. So Josh is going to have that and I made a kale and fruit green juice. I want to be healthy, but not badly enough to puke up cucumber juice :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

...and so it begins

Today we started our Reboot. I had prepared almost everything yesterday, which was good because we had some errands to run. We were able to put everything into a big cooler for lunch, and we dragged it to Starbucks so that we could eat with Josh. I am sure we looked strange with our giant cooler, but it felt good to eat something healthy while we were out instead of Rubio's or Chipotle.
I will admit, it is going to be a challenge and a major learning experience for my taste buds. I am a really bland eater, so green juices and crazy soups/salads are a stretch for me. But I am going to do it with gusto, even if I have a grimace on my face :)
So today's plan was:
Breakfast - baked apples and raisins - John didn't even want to eat it because it was too "squishy." Josh and I thought it was decent.
Morning Juice - Green Juice with Kale, Cucumbers, Spinach, Celery and apples. It was actually pretty good.
Lunch - Salad with a homemade mustard/vinagrette dressing and raw carrot/avocado/ginger soup. It was too much food, but it didn't leave me satisfied for long.
Dinner - Steamed veggies, more soup and a pear (which I saved for later)
***This isn't supposed to be one of those diets where you deny yourself food. The good thing about fruits and veggies is that you can consume lots and lots of them without tipping the caloric scale. Unfortunately, veggies aren't usually my idea of a good time, so my appetite runs out before I get enough food. I know that will change with time though****
aaaand, here is the rough part...the pictures. This is me now...

Not entirely sure why John looks like he is resting on my butt, I think he just wanted in on the photo action. At least there is something cute to focus on :) Sweatpants and rain boots, can you dig it.

So, one day down and going strong